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    Gastronomia IDi

    We were contracted by Vodafone España and Impak to make a website for the printed book "Gastronomia I+D+i".
    Based on our design they also created a mobile app.
    This website was part of...

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    Pablo Guevara

    A personal presentation site for actors, in this case Pablo Guevara.
    Fully controlled and maintainable content by the artist himself in two languages.

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    Finanzdienstleistungen GG Biechele

    A company profile website with dynamic product presentation and feed aggregation from web services.

  • El Mirador PVC front

    El Mirador PVC

    Corporate and product website plenty of categories and object information.

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    Elultimocafe - Estudio Gráfico

    The site of Rafael García, a great advertising photographer based in Madrid.
    We created the web layout in XHTML and CSS. Currently we are developing a new version in Drupal, lot of features...

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    Ducado de Montanera

    Ducado de Montanera is a company and a brand that sale best quality spanish wines in other countries.
    We created a fresh web design and realized it in XHTML and CSS.

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    G. R. Auditores

    Web design and layout. Currently not online.

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    We made the graphic design and the xhtml + CSS layout of this multilingual corporate site.

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    Web design, XHTML + CSS layout and jQuery integration for a wedding portal site with lot of social network and multimedia components.

  • Image date 26/11/2010 - 16:30

    Nueva Movilidad Peugeot

    Promotional site for Peugeot. We made the XHTML/CSS layout.

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